Horizon Zero Dawn breaks sales record on PS4!

Peter Galvagno - 16/03/2017

Video games are viral and when a great game achieve great result as selling more than 2.6 million copies it is our duty to celebrate what gamers have chosen! Today we are going to talk about Horizon Zero Dawn.

The brand new action RPG by Guerrilla studio really has everything a true adventurer look for as a big mystery, breath-taking scenario and an immersive tough combat system!

Horizon Zero Dawn follows the adventure of Aloy, a young woman who lives in a prehistoric era where every creatures is a sofisticated cyborg seeming to come from a really far distant future yet a really dangerous and tough enemies for the inhabitants of the planet. Fighting every cyborg is an epic expirience due the wonderful animation and enemies AI combined with a strategic elements such the possibility to scan the mechanical creatures using Aloy’s Focus in order to spot their weak points.

Advanced technology is a foundamental aspect of Horizon Zero Dawn as all the enemies you will encounter will unleash special attacks such ice blast and even the weapon you will use will be far from being "primitive". Human targets will be even more challenging opponents than the machines with their better AI and be able to use sophisticated weapons as well.

Horizon Zero Dawn not only has been able to capture the essence of hunting but it also manage to transportthe player into a complex plot where a lot of reference to modern society are present giving to the game a solid storyline to follow. After few hours of gameplay we can declare that the virality of this wonderful game is well deserved due a great mix of gameplay, story and atmosphere and if you wanna jump into this great adventure right away you can always start your journey today: Horizon Zero Dawn at Amazon

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