Leaked video of upcoming "Injustice 2" game shows a new badass Joker in action for the first time

10.3K Shares - Peter Galvagno - 30/04/2017

Superheroes are cool, sure, but they would be nothing without even cooler villans to fight! Speaking of the Devil, just few hours ago a video on the upcoming Injustice 2 title has appeared on the web showing for the first time the coolest villans in the comics history: Ladies and gentlemen here comes the Joker!

The roster of characters for Injustice 2 continue to grow and the latest entry is probably the most interesting one if you are a fan of dark humor and deadly gadgets. This time the Joker is as creepy as ever in his latest videogame reincarnation with his constant sardonic smile and punk style as a tribute to Jared Leto's performance on Suicide Squad!

Before to unleash all the secret weapons of the Joker we will have to wait until 16th May when Injustice 2 will be finally out for PS4, XBox One, Android and iOS gamers!

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