This incredible VR system will show you how animals see!

46.9K Shares - Peter Galvagno - 27/08/2017

VR technology is going to change our future forever by letting us expirience new and overwhelming sensations for the very first time. Today's viral news is all about the amazing VR project known as ITEOTA that will allow you to see the world through the eyes of forest's animals!

ITEOTA is an acronym that stands for "In The Eyes of the Animal" and, as the name suggests, it really keeps up to the expectations as this VR breathtaking system will be able to reproduce the vision of 4 different animals such as the mosquito, the dragonfly, the frog and the owl thanks to a combination of a 360° camera and photogrammetry technique.

Even the special headset used looks like a living creature itself being covered with real musk. Thanks to the natural forest sounds you will hear during your virtual journey the expirience will be even more immersive and oniric. If you are really curious to see what this incredible technology is really capable of you can visit ITEOTA official website right now and admire the world from a brand new prospective!

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