Jay and Silent Bob Overwatch cosplay combination is the definition of badassery!

1.3MLN Shares - Peter Galvagno - 29/08/2017

The art of cosplay is not just about imitation but first and foremost about creativity! Today's viral news is about the greatest cosplay characters combination ever: Jay and Silent Bob meet Overwatch gamers!

Clerks is for sure a 90's icon and if you are into dark comedy this independent tv shows is a must to watch! Among the characters that have made the show a masterpiece there are obviously Silent Bob, a taciturn bearded guy who rarely speaks but when he does he can go really deep and Jay, tall and blonde, really outspoken and offensive :P

What happen when 2 icons of the 90's meet a great game such as Overwatch? They transform themselves into the 2 badass warriors Jayrat and Silent Hog! This amazing crossover cosplay have captured the attention of both fans of the show and the game and have become really popular in just a couple of days! We can admire this incredible creative cosplay work thanks to the professional photographer Joseph McKinney (realneptunemedia) and of course the creator of the costumes Kody Gillum from @OddSquadCosplay!

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