All 900 Korok Seeds have already been found in Zelda BW!

Peter Galvagno - 15/03/2017

Among the side quests that have engaged the most gamers in Zelda Breath of the Wild the research of Korok seeds is for sure one of the most challenging and risky and finally one tough player has been able to collect every 900 of them spread all around the world map!

A particular amount of Korok seeds will allow you to increase your inventory space once exchanged with a Hetsu, a lovely green vegetable being with leaf mustache, and if you think that they are mundane it is not the case as it is really hard to find them so here's for you some useful tips that will help you in your seek and find adventure.

I - Always looking for bright sparkling leaves and examine them to reveal a Korok. They can really be found in any nook and cranny of the game!

II - Every time you find rocks or other natural elements arranged in circle jump directly in or put a rock on the center and another Korok will appear.

III - Looking for Tree stumps that got a leaf symbol on them. Once you will step on of them a race chalenge will be trigger where the goal is to reach a specific location within a a time limit

IV - If you see something suspicious like an isolated rock it is higly likey that once detroyed or lifted some Korok seeds will be found

V - There are flowers that disapper when you get close to them to brielfy appear again in a nearby spot. Follow them and they will lead you to some Korok seeds

VI - There are several place where you will find block arranged in patterns. You will have to combine them in the right position to get Korok seeds.

VII - Whenever you find targets as ballons, Orange pinwheels, apples and barrels don't esitate to take all of them down with your bow to get some Korok seeds!

VIII - Everytime there's a boulder a hole must be near by! Put the rock inside the hole to receive Korok seeds.

IX - If you find statues with offers just put some yourself on the empty space to get Korok seeds.

X - Sometimes you will find a set of identical trees. To get some Korok seeds you will have to find the extra fruit hanging on one of them.

That's pretty much all you have to know about Korok seeds ut remember that the true challenge is to find a Hetstu that will convert them so, we wish best luck in your journey gamers!

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