This Perfect Lara Croft Cosplay Will Make You Turn Your Head For Sure!

By Peter Galvagno - 24/01/2018

Some of the coolest video games characters ever are indeed women and of course the most famous one is the sexy and bold British archaeologist Lara Croft! Today gamers we are going to review the most amazing cosplay ever dedicated to Tomb Raider main character!

Released back in 1996, the first Tomb Raider title was one of the main reason behind PSX overwhelming success during the 90's.

During those memorable days a very badass female version of Indiana Jones conquered the video games market with her athletic skills and her journey into mysterious adventures all around the world!

22 years and 11 Tomb Raider games later Lara Croft has become such a popular character to even appears into Hollywood blockbusters as, after a first movie released back in 2001 starring Angelina Jolie, a new movie is coming this year starring Alicia Vikander, showing that gamers are still in love with the sexy adventurer!

Such an iconic character got a lot of female gamers fans of course and one of them has surely nothing to envy to any Hollywood movie star! Her name is Irina Meier and her Lara Croft cosplay is absolutely amazing just as she is! As a Russian model Irina beauty is something out of this world but besides her physical appearance this amazing cosplayer put a lot of work in her makeup and costumes too so don't forget to follow this real life goddess on her official Facebook page gamers! Irina Meier Cosplay PS. The bear in the photos below is real! :D


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