The cosplay led armor you have always dreamed of is here!

2.1 MLN Shares - Peter Galvagno - 16/10/2017

If you haven't decided yet who you should cosplay as for the upcoming Halloween gamers well, today's viral news will surelly give you a hint! Let's discover more about the coolest led armor cosplay ever that has shocked the world!

All hardcore gamers love outstanding cosplay and thanks to a great team of artists such as the Kamui Cosplay squad now cosplay has become more incredible than ever!

Svetlana, Benni, Zelda and Midna are the talented people behind this amazing led armor you can admire above that in just few hours has gathered a lot of attention in the gaming community! The outstanding Led armor is a part of Master Nova character cosplay from Heroes of the Storm and the visual effects are really mesmerizing. The project was scheduled for 2015 but, due technical difficulties, Kamui Cosplay team postponed it until today! These guys are true cosplay masters and they share their knowledge through their official website so, if you are interested to become a cosplay Jedi yorself, pay a visit to their page straight away!

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