The legend of Zelda rings you need in you life are here

115.4K Shares - Peter Galvagno - 01/10/2017

When a video games become a cult everything related to it became a collector's treasure as well and today we are going to show you a unique and stunning piece of jewelry based on Nintendo's masterpiece The Legend Of Zelda francise. Here we go the Zelda Songrings gamers!

The Legend Of Zelda series have been able to hook up millions of gamers release after release and now, in 2017, the latest installment of the franchise The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has recently became the fastest selling launch title of all time with 1.3 Million units sold in US alone in its first month!

Such incredible achievement needed to be celebrte in the right way so we decided to present you the Zelda Songrings! Named after the songs of The Legend Of Zelda series, each ring is engraved with the name of the song and size. There are 3 of them, a Gold-Plated one, a Steel one and a Bronze-Plated one. This amazing rings are manufactured by PeregrineStudios and their works are really worth your attention gamers!

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