Photographer Recreates Life Is Strange Scenes With Real Models And The Result Is Just Amazing!

By Peter Galvagno -05/01/2018

Women represent half of the gamers population and they are often the main characters of very successful video games franchise such as the amazing adventure game series Life Is Strange and today gamers we are going to see the two femal protagonists of the title taking life in incredible photo shoot project!

Life Is Strange is considered one of the best adventure game out there thanks to its combination of suspance and mysteries.

The game events take place in the small town of Arcadia Bay where you will follow the story of a young photographer student, Max Caulfield, who soon find out to possess an incredible power, being able to turn events back in time and change the present.

Thanks to her paranormal power Max manage to save Chloe Price, a tomboy girl who will soon build a strong bond with her.

The two of them join forces in order to investigate a missing person case, their classmate Rachel Amber, to find soon that in Arcadia Bay there is much more than meets the eye...
Due the great success of the game franchise a lot of female gamers have chosen Max and Chloe as cosplay costumes lately and one of the best cosplay project dedicated to the game is surely the one we can admire here gamers!

Set up by enthusiast gamer and professional Polish photographer Norman Lenda Pinkspider Photography, this Life Is Strange photo shoot is absolutely amazing, as it was just taken from a tv shows backstage!
The two models in the photos are the beautiful cosplayer Satsu Mad Atelier as Chloe and the Sweet Lady Nilin as Max!


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