Mario Kart VR exists and it is going to change the future of gaming forever!

3.5MLN Shares - Peter Galvagno - 21/08/2017

Mario Kart series is one of the best racing game franchise ever created and one of the best selling ever as well so, is it really possible to improve such a masterpiece? Well, be ready to be amazed gamers because today's viral news is going to change everything! Here's we go Mario Kart Arcade GP VR!!!

Japan is the land of video games and there Arcade are really stepping into the next level thanks to the outstanding and breathtaking Mario Kart GP VR that is slowly but steadly receiving a lot of attention and now, through VGN, it is high time for you to know more about this VR dream too :D

Developed by Bandai/Namco Mario Kart GP VR is the virtual reality version of Mario Kart GP Arcade game that will be able to transport you into another dimension thanks to a powerful combination of the HTC VR set and a responsive driving chair! Have you ever dreamed to cath a power-up with your own hands??? Well this is what Mario Kart VR will allow to you: grab and throwing power-ups in real time against other players!!! The expirience is something never seen before and it will be available in Japan really soon but, as the world really needs this game, it seems that Mario Kart GP VR will fly to the West at the end of summer and the first location will be London! And now let's go to pump yourself up with the game trailer linked below!

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