A mother makes a quilt for her son and she melt his heart with nostalgia

17.2K Shares - Peter Galvagno - 07/05/2017

If you are a 30.something or even younger you know that gaming was a huge part of our childhood and if you like to jump into the past from time to time today's viral news will for sure make you smile gamers! A talented mother showed to his son all her love sewing a quilt for him based on the legendary Super Mario Bros 3!

Posted few hours ago by redditor Kupen on the web, the photo shows a king size (7700+ 1.5") quilt where some key characters of Super Mario Bros 3 game are present: Gumpa, Blurp, Boo, Koopa, some power ups and of course Mario himself trasforming this unique gift into a pixel art masterpiece!

A proof that gaming and mothers are still the most important things for gamers!

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