"Marvel vs Capcom Infinite" trailer shows the most absurd plot in fighting games history

Peter Galvagno - 26/04/2017

Everyone has their favorite fictional characters and if you have ever asked to yourself what would happen if they lived in the same universe, well now there's an answer to your question: Marvel vs Capcom Infinite!

The most famous crossover fighting game series featuring characters from Marvel and Capcom's icons is coming back with a new amazing chapter and its first official trailer released today has already gone viral.

The game's trailer explain briefly the reason behind the clash between Marvel and Capcom worlds in the upcoming title: Avengers villain Ultron has joined forces with Sigma, the storic bad guy from Mega Man X series, in order to create a new dimension populated by cyborgs. Meanwhile the two combine together to form the ultimate villain, Ultron Sigma and let Marvel and Capcom universes collide into one onother thanks to the power of the Infinity Stones. Pretty clear!

Aside the fact that the background story of Marvel vs Capcom Infinite sounds really crazy the game looks very promising so far and with new entry like Ultron and Rocket Raccoon among playable characters fans will be really pleased for sure. Before to put your hands on this wonderful beat 'em up we will have to wait untill 19th September when the game will be officially released on the XBox One, PS4 and PC gamers.

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