Zelda Master Sword has been found in our world!

27.2K Shares - Peter Galvagno - 22/08/2017

The time has come for you hero to show your true valor and if you are in need of the right weapon to bring with you in your adventure here we have what you were looking for: the Zelda Master Sword!

The legend of Zelda game series is surely one of the most famous out there and besides well known character such as Zelda and Link the fans know that the game has also its weapon signature present in each title such the legendary Master Sword. Forged by the goddess Hylia for the chosen hero the Master Sword is also known as the Sword of Time and the only weapon able to defeat the evil Ganondorf.

This time you won't have to pull the sword out of an enchanted pedestal inside the Temple of Time as thanks to the wonderful job of the artist Erin Carpenter a beautiful Master Sword replica made of faux suede, metallic paint, epoxy resin, fiberglass is now among us and available to purchase at the following link! SparqysStudio. Impress your friends at the next Comic-Con event with this masterpiece gamers and support great artists always!

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