Here's the coolest MGS PS4 controller that every gamer will love!

76.4K Shares - Peter Galvagno - 18/09/2017

A joystick is the working tool of a master gamer and everyone has their own style. Buttons Smasher or precise buttons presser today's viral news is all about a wonderful PS4 controller dedicate to the king of action stealth games, Metal Gear Solid!

Being one of the best video games ever made, the first MGS came out on PSX back in 1998 and since then this amazing action stealth title conquered the heart of millions of gamers! Now, after almost 20 years, Metal Gear Solid series has grown a really huge fanbase that during the years have created some impressive pieces of art as a tribute to the Hideo Kojima's masterpiece!

The amazing MGS PS4 custom controller we are showing you today is for sure one of the best joystick mod around dedicated to the game and its creator is the talented modder Devin L Smith from TheEndOfLineDesigns!

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