The hidden message behind the Minecraft Marionette art that has amazed the web!

189.3K Shares - Peter Galvagno - 12/10/2017

Video games are a unique media where visuals, sounds and interactions meet one another in the same place and, due these features, the art related to them has become more popular than ever nowadays. Today's viral news is all about a majestic Minecraft art and the secret behind it gamers!

Minecraft is the most successful indie title out there and the second best selling game ever and the reason is pretty simple. As many of you already know, Minecraft is a sandbox video game where players can create whatever they want through blocks and, when creativity is unleashed, the human spirit reach new heights.

This amazing Minecraft art has been created by the artist known as Dr_Bond for the Builder's Refuge Apex Contest. The contest theme is as suggestive as the artwork itself, portrays the Human Achievement. Taking a closer look at this marvelous gaming art it is possible to read the symbolism within it.
The girl holding a glass ball represent the goal, the object of desire, the achievement, while the eerie skeleton puppeteer over her is a symbolism for human emotions and the time limit that everyone has to deal with during existence. Finally the Rococo style reppresent the time when our society was obssesed with the concept of perfection, considered by the artist the ultimate human achievement itself.

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