Modded Skyrim is a breathtaking visual experience!

108.3K Shares - Peter Galvagno - 26/09/2017

Video games got a lot of potentialto become the ultimate entertaining media and they never stop to make seriously improvements, even years later after their release! Today viral news is all about the outstanding mod that has brought new life to the legendary action RPG Skyrim gamers!

Pubblished more than 6 years ago, Skyrim is still considered a true masterpiece in the video game world and its solid fanbase make it one of the most successful title ever as well! Is it still possible to be amazed by a game released several years ago still today? The answer is yes and the explanation is mods!

Posted by user xXxNoScopeMLGxXx a couple of weeks ago on Reddit, these breathtaking images of Skyrim took the attention of millions of gamers on the web showing a great classic under a new light. Thanks to Nexusmods our friend manage to improve dramatically Skyrim graphics and bring the game to modern standards!

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