This Incredibly Cute Handler Will Guide You Through A World Full Of Monsters!

By Peter Galvagno - 02/02/2018

In just few days the amazing Monster Hunter: World has already become the best selling title ever on PS4 and to celebrate in style its overwhelming success here at VGN today gamers we are going to show the person who will guide you through a world of marvels and monsters of course! Here we go the cutest Handler cosplay ever!

Developed and published by Capcom, Monster Hunter: World is the latest game of the action RPG franchise and this time things have gone really wild!
Incredible graphics, wonderful gameplay, challenging enemies AI and a tons of weapons have made Monster Hunter: World one of the fastest selling game ever and we are just at the beginning!

The vast world of Monster Hunter is full of dangers of course but a true adventurer eat danger for breakfast, especially when a cutie such as the Handler will guide you in your journey!
The Handler is an iconic character in Monster Hunter: Worldas she is a very helpful Guild Receptionist found within Astera and the sweetest real life version you can admire here is Miss Hasegawa Towa cosplaying at TGS 2017!
A cheerful cosplayer indeed and if you wanna see more of her amazing friendly smile gamers do not forget to follow her on Instagram! @hasegawatowa


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