These Pair Of Amazing LED Zinogre Dual Blades Will Turn You Into A True Monster Hunter!

By Peter Galvagno - 31/01/2018

The video games world is full of marvels and any sort of monsters to fight of course! Today gamers we are going to show you the definitive weapons that will make a real Monster Hunter out of you! Here we go LED Zinogre Dual Blades!

Released back in 2004, the incredible action role-playing Monster Hunter was an hidden gem that year after year and chapter after chapter gained a lot of respect from the gaming community since as of January 2018, the series has sold more than 45 million copies worldwide already!

In Monster Hunter you take the role of a bold hunter who travel around the world slaying or trapping large and terrifyng monsters. Such a simple and straightforward gameplay hide a really immersive and fun gaming experience where strategy is the main ingredient!

A veteran Monster Hunter needs the best weapons available to fight among the wildest beasts ever and surely the Dual Blades with the might of a Zinogre are a great choice as now available even in our world thanks to the incredible artistic skills of Miss Svetlana from Kamui Cosplay!

This sweet and talented cosplayer put a lot of effort to create the best Zinogre Dual Blades replica ever with amazing handpaint and bright colorful blue LED Light inside them!
Svetlana Quindt is a reference point in the world of cosplay equipment and if you are a cosplayer too you should check her cosplay guide here on Amazon gamers! The Costume Making Guide: Creating Armor and Props for Cosplay


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