Nintendo classic Mini production is officially over!

Peter Galvagno - 14/04/2017

The NES has been one of the most successful gaming console ever made and a masterpiece of the 8bit videogames era and even its recent reboot version, the Nintendo Classic Mini, have been a huge commercial success and today's viral news on the web is about the ending of its production within this month!

Have been a while since many have thought about that the adventure of the NES mini was coming to an end and finally Nintendo just declared yesterday that April will be the last month of production for the retro viral console.

The NES mini has already become a videogame collector's treasure and now that its production is officially over its value will rise even more so, if you wanna add this piece of videogame hystory to your collection, you will have to get one really fast one while some specimens are still available gamers!

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