This Nintendo handheld Arcade NES system is truly a retro masterpiece!

89.7K Shares - Peter Galvagno - 28/08/2017

During the 80's Arcade represented a huge part of the videogames industry and we are pretty sure that many of you have spent hundreds of dollars in quarters trying to beat your favourite game. Today's viral news is about an incredible project that combines the immortal NES with the old school Arcade style: The NESPoise!

Built by Dave Nunez from Rabbit Engineering the NESPoise is a portable hand held console that allows you to play classic NES games through real Arcade controllers everywhere you want!

the design of this retro masterpiece is obviously inspired by the popular foldable desk lamps and the wooden box is clearly a tribute to the first generation of gaming consoles! If you would like to discover how Mr. Nunez assembled this tiny retro gem you can always visit his personal blog here: NESPoise official page and see by yourself how talented this engineer really is gamers!

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