Amazing Nier: Automata Cosplayers Bring 2B And A2 Characters To Life!

By Peter Galvagno - 07/01/2018

Video games can be adventurous, mysterious and even sexy some time! These are for sure the ingredients that define the wonderful Action RPG Nier: Automata and today gamers we are going to show you the best cosplay tribute dedicated to this amazing game!

Nier: Automata was one of the best surprise of 2017 in the gaming world. Set in a distant future where the Earth has been colonized by alien and their deadly robot sentinels, your mission is to save the planet and restore humanity.
In order to complete such a delicate task, the few human present on a secret base on the moon decided to create 2 Androids so powerful to be able to compete against the alien machines.

Full of actions, battles and moral questions Nier: Automata conquered the hearts of million of gamers and become a best seller.

Surely the sexiness of the female characters present in the game contributed to boost its popularity and today we talk about an incredible couple of cosplayers who really nailed Nier: Automata costumes! These 2 gorgeous women in the photos taken by 千貓Studio are Ashley Tw Cosplayer(A2) and Chihiro(2B) from Taiwan who, thanks their perfect bodies, really managed to bring to life the two game characters in all their glory!


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