Nier: Automata gamers opinion!

Peter Galvagno - 29/03/2017

Everybody knows that RPGs are those kind of games where you can really find everything into them like; Emo women soldiers, Robots and a whole bunch of futuristc weapons and if you think that such bizzare combination couldn't lead to anything good probably you have never heard of the latest action RPG from Square Enix that has already hooked up millions of gamers! Today's viral news is all about Nier: Automata.

Released as a PS4 exclusive at the beginning of March, Nier: Automata has gained a lot of fans really fast and becoming soon a viral phenomenon, especially after the PC version of the game was released on Steam 2 weeks ago selling more than 200.000 copies so far!

What makes Nier: Automata a must-to-play? The Square Enix Action RPG besides putting on the line a really interesting and peculiar plot it also got an excellent real-time fighting system and a great camera perspective function that adapts itself to let the player follow the game action as you were playing a top-down shooter in some occasions and a 2D platformer in others!

We have talked about a peculiar plot behind Nier: Automata and, without spoiling anything, we can tell you that the game will transport you into a bizarre world based on the complex relationship between mankind and technology where you will live a chalenging adventure making of dark humor, sadness, weirdness and even tragedies.

Behind the project there is the great game designer Yoko Taro, who has brought to success concepts like Time Crisis II and the Drakengard series (Nier: Automata is a spin-off based on it) so, if you are fans of the open-world action role-playing video games genre we can suggest you without any doubt to discover the astounding Nier: Automata as soon as you possibly can gamers!

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