2D will never die and the new Nintendo 2DS XL is the proof

10K Shares - Peter Galvagno - 28/04/2017

It has been almost 70 years since videogames were created and since then they have improved a lot thanks to technology innovations that allow us today to play triple A titles and yet the dear old 2d games are still here and more successful than ever as proved by the surprising announcement about the arriving of the new handheld console Nintendo 2DS XL!
Nobody was expecting such a news especially considering that Nintendo is already experiencing an overwhelming success with its latest Nintendo Switch console, but anyway gamers have appreciated the announcement so much that the trailer for the new born Nintendo 2DS has gone viral in just few hours!
The New Nintendo 2DS XL is an upgrade of the previous 2DS with more controls at your fingertips such as the pressure-sensitive C-stick, the ZL/ZR buttons and a NFC sensor added at the bottom screen to allow Amiibo toys compatibility features!

we would like to remind you that the upcoming Nintendo 2DS XL will be able to run some 3DS titles and its arrival is scheduled for 28th July gamers!

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