These ruins from the Nintendo world will make you cry!

By Peter Galvagno - 26/11/2017

Playing games is our favourite pastime as a species due to the fact that through games we can simulate real life situations and live dangerous experience safely. The latest incarnation of gaming is of course represented by video games, the media that has inspired the suggestive art that we are going to show you today gamers, showing us a really distant future, another dimension, where gaming has come to an end. Here's the post-apocalyptic Nintendo world of Filip Hodas!

Mr. Hodas is a talented and a prolific 3D artist from Prague and many of his art works are dedicated to the gaming world as well as famous pop icons.

Great art is the one that is able to evoke emotions into us and surely the ruins from the Nintendo world is a great example of it. The sense of despair and abandonment is really tangible within these images. Luckly for us videogames are really florid in our reality and will stay so for a really long time! If you would like to see more of this incredible artist pay a visit to his official instagram here gamers! @hoodass

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