The fantastic universe where Sony and Nintendo joined forces is now a reality

2.4K Shares - Peter Galvagno - 07/05/2017

The video game market is one of the most competitive out there and the main protagonists in this extremely profitable industry surely do not plan to collaborate at all and yet, thanks to bold and skillful gamers, we can assist now to an event that would only happen in an alternative universe, a game console born by the fusion of Sony and Nintendo! Today's viral news is all about Nintendo Playstation custom console!

Many of you probably never heard about it but, as incredible as it could sound, the Nintendo Playstation project was indeed a real thing back in the 90's when Nintendo started a partnership with Sony in order to develop a console called Super NES CD-ROM System. Meanwhile Sony was working on its own gaming console, the Playstation. Nintendo then decided to continue its CD-ROM based project with Philips and was then that the Philips CD-i was born, and soon conquered the title of worst console ever while the new born Sony console system become a huge financial success.

Soon after almost all the 200 prototypes of the Nintendo Playstation were destroyed and the story forgotten... Till 2015 when a Reddit user known as Dnldbld posted a photo of one of the original project and since then this obscure console become popular again and now, thanks to console modder Ben Heckendorn, a fully working prototype of Nintendo Playstation exist and if you are really curious about it you can always watch the video below where the entire development process is explained gamers!

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