Outlast 2 is way too scary!

Peter Galvagno - 24/03/2017

Survival Horror is one of the most successful video games genre and during the years, thanks to technology, the level of realism and gore has raised so much to keep governments alerted about the implications of such kind of games on young adult and today's viral news gamer is about the banning process the upcoming Outlast 2 have been recently involved.

Seems that this time Red Barrels Studio put too much gore on the second chapter of one the scariest horror game ever Outlast 2 and besides rising expectations among gamers the project has raised some concern especially in Australia, where the game was banned early this month as considering really too much disturbing and violent.

What makes this story even stranger is the fact that in a second evaluation of the game n the Australian Government’s Classification Board website has just decided few days ago to let the game be released in the land down under givint to it a R18+ rating.

Surely Outlast series is one of te most brutal video game franchise ever and that's the main reason why it become famous in the first place when it first came out in 2013.
Outlast 2 will be even more weird that its predecessor and if you have enough guts and courage for this controversial yet unique title you will have to wait until April 25 before to test it yourself. Outlast 2 will be realeased on PC, XBox One and PS4.

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