Outlast 2 is finally out and you won't believe how scary it gets before to play it

Peter Galvagno - 25/04/2017

Horror video games are meant to be scary, sure, but in the case of Outlast 2 things have been pushed quite a bit too far as in less than a day from its release thousands of gamers have already reported that the game is so disturbing to provoke even nausea and anxiety.

In the second chapter of probably the scariest videogame horror franchise ever you will play as Blake Langermann who is on a trip with his journalist wife Lynn in order to help her tracking the story of a mysterious murdered woman in the deserts of Arizona.
During the trip the elicopter used by the couple crashes into the mountains. You wake up inside a sealed room and that's how your worst nightmare starts.

Soon you will discover that the area is under the control of of a weird religious cult that worship sex ad pregnancy and your mission is to save your wife before horrible things will happen to her.

As we saw in the first chapter, in Outlast 2 you will have to survive just by run and hide from your crazy enemies who will kill you in the most brutal ways if they'll get you.
But it's not just the gore that makes Outlast 2 incredible scary as the game plot is really well crafted as well, especially during protagonist's flashbacks that not only will explain Blake's background story but also will let you jump off your chair due their creepiness and psychological impact.

A strong horror visual content and a genuine scary atmosphere makes Outlast 2 a masterpiece of the genre and if you are into mysteries and stealth action the game is a must that won't disappoint you.

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