Here we go the most badass Overwatch cosplay ever known to mankind!

By Peter Galvagno - 05/12/2017

Overwatch is one of the coolest game ever made and that's true especially for 2 reasons: A fluid and funny gameplay and of course a really badass characters roaster! Today's most viral gaming news is dedicated to the most badass character of all, the unstoppable Reaper gamers!

Equipped with 2 devastating Hellfire Shotguns the Reaper is one of the deadliest Overwatch character especially due his ghostly ability to become completely immune to damage!

Such a badass character surely deserve the best cosplay tribute ever and that's what the Polish guys from Studio Zahora managed to obtain thanks to their amazing artistic skills!

This group of artists are true professionals able to turn into reality any kind of project such as the incredible Overwatch Reaper costume we can admire in these amazing photos, dressing with the Plague doctor skin to make the character looking even more hauting!
If you are interested to see more about this amazing cosplayer team here's for you their official Instagram link gamers! @studiozahora

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