Artists team design a unique OverWatch custom PC and the result is just amazing!

By Peter Galvagno - 16/12/2017

PC enthusiasts represent a huge demographic segment of the gaming market and of course here at VGN we don't forget about them either! Today's viral news is all about an incredible custom PC dedicated to the amazing Blizzard's FPS Overwatch!

Overwatch fans have already understood that this custom PC is a tribute to the most iconic character from the game, the sexy and deadly Tracer of course!

Who's behind this amazing project? The custom Tracer PC comes from UK and it was assembled and designed by both members from parvumsystems, a duo specialized in the production of ultracool and futuristic PC cases and the NVIDIA GeForce UK team!

The blocky Overwatch custom PC is a true gem and we are pretty sure that many of you would like to find it under the Christmas tree so, if you really like it, please follow VGN daily for more epic and outstanding news from the gaming world!

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