Artists Create An Amazing Paper Mario Guitar That Doesn't Sound Flat At All!

By Peter Galvagno - 21/12/2017

In order to develop an outstanding game a team of amazing artists is needed, such as concept artists, programmers and of course musicians! Today's viral gaming news is dedicated to them with this incredible and unique Paper Mario electric guitar!

Paper Mario is surely one of the best title in the Mario video games franchise, combining excellent RPG mechanics with a really unique art style!

Even after 17 years from its release on N64, Paper Mario got a really large fanbase and among them some really talented and musically-inclined ones decided to honor this immortal classic with a really amazing custom guitar!

The Paper Mario electric guitar was created by AustralianGamers team artists who did a really wonderful job on this model by shaping the body as Paper Mario himself and including other Super Mario games references as well such as some 8-bit mushroom inlays on the fretboard and the Super Mario 64 game logo on the headstock and sadly for us this one-of-a-kind gaming treasure has already been sold for 444.44$!


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