This Amazing GBA Version Of Horizon: Zero Dawn Looks Totally Awesome!

By Peter Galvagno - 30/01/2018

Video games are more realistic than ever with their ultra HD 3D graphips and amazing light effects but a gerat game can shine even in 2D! Today gamers we are going to show you the retro cool pixel version of Horizon: Zero Dawn!

Being one of the best selling games of 2017, Horizon: Zero Dawn follows the adventure of the young heroine Aloy who has to survive in a post apocalyptic world where machines have become sentient and starting to evolve as biological beings.

An incredible action adventure game that now, thanks to the amazing skills of Mr. Toyaken21, is available for GBA, well sort of. Toyaken21, as you have already guessed it right, is a talented pixel artist who can turn any modern game into a retro 16 bit pixel amazing art!
The artwork you can admire here shows us Horizon: Zero Dawn as a GameBoy Advance game and it looks totally legit in colors and proportions!
If you want to see more about this retro cool artist don't forget to follow him on Twitter gamers! @toyaken21


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