Pokemon Evolutionary Stones have been found!

By Peter Galvagno - 23/10/2017

The Pokemon universe is full of surprises and if you are a poke-addicted today Viral news is what you have been always waited for! The legendary Pokemon Evolutionary Stones are coming really soon gamers!

Maybe not everyone knows that The evolutionary stones are rare gems that allow your Pokemon to evolve into a superior form instantaneously. They were first introduced in Pokemon Red and Blue and can be used only with few chosen Pokemon specimen as Pikachu, who can evolve into Raichu once exposed to the Thunder stone.
To make Japanese fans really happy seems that Namco is going to release the Fire Stone, Water Stone, and Thunder Stone into a special padded case along side with some tasty candies as well! We don't know yet if this rare Pokemon collectibles will be release in US but true fans of the franchise will sure be willing to spend 5,400 yen (50$) to add them into their personal Pokemon items collection anyway!

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