This Is What A Real Amazing Portable SNES Console Looks Like Gamers!

By Peter Galvagno - 25/01/2018

Nintendo SNES is hands down the king of 16 bit era console with almost 50.000.000 untis sold world wide! Taday gamers we are going to review an incredible and one-of-a-kind custom portable SNES that will blow your mind!

Released back in 1990 the Nintendo SNES started a new era for home gaming system. For the first time in hystory gamers were able to enjoy 2D arcade quality games such as Street Fighter series plus some exclusive amazing titles such as Super Mario World, The legend of Zelda A link to the Past, Super Metroid and a tonof others 16 bit masterpieces!

In 1990 the SNES was the pinnacle of gaming technology and we are pretty sure that a handheld version of the Nintendo console would be the dream of any gamers! Thanks to the amazing skills of console customizer Marshallgs that dream is now a reality and its name is Supertendo!
This gaming treasure look totally legit not only due its perfect retro 90's aesthetic but even with its functionality as the Supertendo can runs original SNES cartridges and thanks to six AA rechargeable Ni-MH batteries it can give you more than 2 hours of fun! This bulky retro treasure has already been sold to a lucky gamer for 200$!


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