This Unbelievable Portable PS2 Will Take You Back In An Alternate Universe!

By Peter Galvagno - 23/01/2018

The amazing Playstation 2 is still the king of gaming console 18 years after its released in 2000, with a record of 150.000.000 units sold in total! Today gamers we are going to visit an alternative universe where the Sony masterpiece took a different route and was released as a handheld gaming device! Here we go the portable PS2!

The Playstation is an icon of the gaming world and the brand that made video games more popular than ever. With outstanding titles such as the Final Fantasy saga, Shadow of the Colossus, Metal Gear Solid saga, God of War saga and a couple of hundreds more, the Sony's gaming system managed to conquer the market and gamers heart as well!

Probably the vast majority of you still own a blocky black PS2 that gave us all memarable moments during the early 2000's but, what if the Playstation 2 was a handheld device? It would had been even more successful? We cannot know that for sure but surely the ultra cool custom Portable PS2 you can admire here is a true gaming treasure! Made by pro console customizer Downing this unique version of Sony console is called the Playstation 2 Advance and it took just 2 weeks to him to finish the project! This talented guy creates wonderful custom portale consoles for everybody so take your time and visit is amazing online shop here gamers!


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