This PS4 Bloody controller will make your spine shiver!

98.4K Shares - Peter Galvagno - 10/10/2017

The Horror genre will never die and if you are an hardcore horror games enthusiast today's viral news will give you shivers of happiness! Here we go the Bloody Hands PS4 Modded controller!

There's no better time of the year than October to fully immerse yourself into some good weird horror games and luckly for all the PS4 owners out there some really tasty titles are already available on Sony console to scare the hell out of them like the Outlast series, Until Down and Residel Evil 7 to name a few!

If scary video games are your thing you will definetely find the PS4 custom controller we discovered today horribly delightful. The "Bloody Hands" PS4 custom controller is a true treasure for collectors as the artwork here is really impressive!
The blood stains on it look totally real and if you are wondering where this marvel comes from here's the answer: This ultra-cool controller was made by ModdedZone and it can be purchased purchase from their their official website here: Pricey but totally worth it gamers!

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