This Amazing Resident Evil Samurai Edge Gun Will Make You Desire A Zombie Apocalypse!

By Peter Galvagno - 06/01/2018

Zombie are our favourite monster as gamers, well as long as stay inside the game but, if some will ever come into your neighbourhood you can always use this incredible Resident Evil Samurai Edge Gun to get rid on them gamers!

Resident Evil games franchise made zombies really popular in the video games world with the first unforgeattable chapter that came out in 1996 on PSX!

Every iconic game has its own trademark weapon and Resident Evil got the really handy and deadly Samurai Edge Gun of course!
The Samurai Edge is a custom made Beretta 92F created for the Special Tactics and Rescue Service and the amazing Airsoft Handgun replica you can see here has been realized by San Diego's Kendo Gun Shop in every tiny details!


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