Artist Reimagines Shadow Of The Colossus As A 2D Game And The Result Is Just Spectacular!

By Peter Galvagno - 06/01/2018

There are games that stand out by introducing new and appealing mechanics never seen before and this was surely the case of the amazing Shadow Of The Colossus! Today we are going to show you an amazing alternative 2D version of the game that will blow your mind gamers!

Released back in 2005, Shadow Of The Colossus is a dynamic adventure where you will have to help the young warrior known as Wander to fight against Colossus who populate the lost and lifeless world where the game take place.

As simple as the game could appear at first glance, in reality it manage to offer a wonderful and immersive gaming experience, especially during the epic battles against the Colossus.

The game was so successful back in the days that an HD remake is going to be publish soon on PS4.
With a really large fanbase, Shadow Of The Colossus can be consider one of the best exclusive on Playstation systems and someone thought that such an incredible vide game would be great even in 2D!

His hame is Buzhimiao and he is a very talented digital artist from Fuzhou, China, who decided to make a wonderful tribute to Shadow Of The Colossus by rethinking it as a modern isometric mobile game adventure!
The graphic work is just excellent here and even though the project is just a fan made tribute by a pro artist, we really hope that the idea will be developed into a full working game soon!


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