Prepare yourself youngsters! Here's the most experienced Pro Gaming Team ever!

By Peter Galvagno - 11/12/2017

Is age just a number? Well it surely is a number but it doesn't matter if you are a first generation gamer and your first love was Pong as long as you got the fire of competition in you! Today's most viral news is dedicate to the eldest but most ferocious CS:GO gaming team you will ever encounter: The Silver Snipers!

With an average oge of 71 (!) The Silver Snipers team members are officially the oldest CS:GO squad ever to compete in a tournament!

Coming from the land of Pewdipie, Sweden, this amazing team is absolutely ready to take part into an exhibition match at DreamHack event this December!

With a team leader being just 81 years old known as Bertil ‘Berra-Bang’ Englund the Silver Snipers are going to show you, young people, how competite gaming really was back in the days and, of course, that you don't have to lose your playful side ever gamers!

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