This Amusing Splatoon Manga Will Make You Love The Nintendo's Shooter Even More!

By Peter Galvagno - 17/01/2018

Nintendo never stops to amaze us through new amazing gaming system such as the Switch and engaging and funny games as the Splatoon series! Today gamers we are going to review a really wonderful manga based on the Nintendo Switch hit game!

Splatoon is an amazing team-based third-person shooter game developed for Nintendo Wii U back in 2015 and still today considered one of the best shooter developed by Nintendo!
What this bizarre and colorful game is all about? Splatoon is set in a world where 2 armies are fighting against each other using... Painball bullets! :D

The War we are taking part in is between the Inklinks creatures, who have the ability to shapeshift between human and squid forms, and the Octarians, a species of octopus creatures who are the main antagonists and enemies in Hero Mode of the Splatoon Series.
In humanoid form, Inklings can shoot ink in their team's color, which can be used to cover the environment or "splat" opposing players or enemies. Transforming into a squid allows players to swim through the ink of their own color, even up walls and through grates, hiding from the enemy and replenishing their ink supply in the process.

As strange as it could sound, such a cartoony and laid back game as Splatoon can challenge even veteran gamers with its really deep strategic aspect!

Speaking about the background story, as any other great Nintendo game, Splatoon can be very amusing, so much that Nintendo as even decided to release a Manga series dedicated to it!
Drawn by mangaka Sankichi Hinodeya, the Splatoon Manga series will transport you behind the scene of the game, making you laugh with exhilarating stories about The Turf Wars and the crazy battles between Goggles and Team Blue! If you have already mastered the game, you will definetely love this Manga gamers!


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