Starcraft Remastered is coming!

Peter Galvagno - 26/03/2017

Everyone feels nostalgic when a great game from his/her childhood comes back in mind and the feeling can become even stronger when you play it after so many years.
Today's viral news that has brought some tears in gamers eyes is about one of the greatest RTS ever and its upcoming remastered edition: Starcraft Remastered!

Blizzard has recently announced that its real time strategy masterpiece will soon be released in a new astounding remastered version where our beloved old school isometric graphics will be enhance and some few technical improvements will appear as well without altering the original gameplay expirience.

Starcraft Remastered will show a better graphics that will support 4K mode giving to players the possibility to zoom even more into the battlefield and an overall better audio quality for both music and dialogues!

Blizzard will also release a 1.8 patch for Starcraft: Brood War that not only will fixed some issues from the previous version but it will be also released for free!
If you are looking forward to apply your best war strategies on this great game you will have to be patience until summer but meanwhile you can always watch the astounding trailer of StarCraft Remastered linked below!

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