Star TRek VR simulator!

Peter Galvagno - 06/04/2017

Were you thinking about to go on holiday but haven't decided a destination yet gamers? Just take few minutes to read our viral news that today will bring you to explore the universe directly from your home! Star Trek VR simulator is here!

Developed by Red Storm Entertainment the new game based on the immortal sci-fi show is called Star Trek: Bridge Crew and it will transport you into deep space for real this time thanks to its excellent VR support! Your mission is to find a new planet for the Vulcans, after their former one got destroyed, into a region of the space known as "The Trench" occupied by Klingons.

True Star Trek fans should know how complex this wonderful show plot and technology are and in order to do not disappoint any of them this great Ubisoft's game will offer for the first time the possibility to pilot the USS Aegis spaceship through perfectly replicated and full working control boards! Star Trek: Bridge Crew can be played by up to four players in the roles of captain, tactical officier, engineer and helm officier respectively. Besides the main story mode you and your team can always test your skills on the USS Aegis by playing a randomly generated mission whenever you feel like as well.

A Trekkie dream comes true and already available on PS4 VR and PCs!

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