Stranger things is coming back

Peter Galvagno - 29/01/2017

A Great Tv-show can become a cult in no time and that's for sure the case of "Stranger Things" the wonderful sci-fi series from Netflix.
The first teaser was already shown during the Super Bowl early this month and gave to fans a glimpse of Mike, Dustin and Lucas dressed like Ghostbusters in perfect 80's style.

It seems that "Stranger Things" season 2 will be even more disturbing than the first season and will explore deeply each characters we have met so far plus some really interesting new entry such as Roman (Linnea Berhelsen), Max (Sadie Sink), Max (Sadie Sink), Bob (Sean Astin) and Billy (Dacre Montgomery).

A lot of mysteries to unveil ahead so we just have to be patient until October 31, before to sink deep into the world of "Stranger Things" once again.

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