The best street shoes you probably aren't wearing

103.5K Shares - Peter Galvagno - 28/09/2017

If you were born in the 80's gaming has probably been a huge part of your life and surely you have heard of some ultra-cool fighting game called "Street Fighter 2" as well. Today gamers we are going to show you the shoes that will turn you into a real street fighter!

Released in 1993 Street Fighter 2 is one of the best selling game ever with an incredible total revenue of $3,582,553,228! A true masterpiece that let the fighting game genre become a maistream sensation.

A popular video game franchise such as the Street Fighter series needs really cool and badass mercs and the Jordan VI Low here are one of the best example you can find on the web! Created by FreakerSneaks these amazing pair of shoes combine 2 90's cult as the The Jordan VI and Street Fighter II for the Super Nintendo. The specimen you can admire here is completely hand painted and just one pair exist. Even the shoes Box is custom made and is based on the same art that appeared on the original SNES cartridge. Just freaking awesome!

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