This Amazing Super Mario X Fallout Cosplay Crossover Will Show You How Badass Mario, Luigi And Peach Really Are!

By Peter Galvagno - 14/01/2018

Mario, Luigi and Peach have always lived in a colorful and magical world but things can always change... Today's viral gaming news is dedicated to an Unbelievable cosplay that whow us how the Mario Bros and the Mushroom Kingdom Princess really are gamers!

It is really hard to imagine such 2 different video games collide together and generate an incredible bizarre world but sometimes the craziest ideas are the best!

The dark and devastated world of Fallout Saga is a place where only the bravest and skilled warriors can survive so, how many chances do you give Mario Bros and Peach to stay alive?

As many of you know the Super Mario trio in all these years have managed to overcome really dangerous adventures and their ability to adapt into a new and hostile dimension are really quick!

To demonstrate that the colorful trio would do just fine as usual even in the post apocalyptic world of Fallout, 3 friends from the Strictly Nerd team, specialized in Let’s Plays and Cosplay Tutorials, created the most amazing Mario X Fallout crossover cosplay ever!

Each character looks just amazing in every details making the trio absolutely dope!
The best costume element you can spot here is of course the really cool Fallout 4 Power Fist version that will surely blow away some enemies! If you are curious to see how it was made just check out the youtube channel own by these talented guys here: Strictly Nerd


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