This Amazing Noir Story Will Make You See The Super Mario Saga Under A Total Different Light!

By Peter Galvagno - 13/01/2018

The Super Mario Saga is consider by many the best video games franchise ever. Wonderful gameplay, great characters and a colorful world... but, what if the stories between the characters were much darker than we know? That's the kind of question we are going to answer for you here at VGN gamers through this amazing Noir Mario graphic novel!

Something is rotten in the Mushroom Kingdom and detective Mario knows that really well.

There are always enemies to fight back. They would be ready to use any means necessary in order to take control of the Kingdom. Any.

The loyal companion Police Commissioner Toadstool is always ready to support his detectives Mario and Luigi but, as we know, even the best friends can become foes.

Wendy, Tasked by Kingpin Koopa to control the waterfront on the lower east side of Mushroom City. Her personal guard, a gang of hard hitting Sledge Bros, patrol Dire Dire Docks. Anyone caught interfering w/ her operation is chopped up and fed to Big Bertha.

"You'll retrieve Mario's power stars for me. And if you even THINK of trying anything funny, I'll burn everything you hold dear to the ground. You can never Koop a Koopa. Remember that, little princess."

Why did Peach was at Bowser's villa last Night? She's always been dangerous. Peach's Bill Blaster Tommy can only hold 3 shots at a time, but it only takes one to clear a club.

"And I'll tell you somethin else.. That dame you've been runnin around with ain't nothin but trouble! You think she cares for you? She's in bed with the Kingpin.. She's playin you for your power stars, Mario!"

No one can be safe in the Mushroom Kingdom as long as Boss Bowser will be around. Will Daisy and Luigi be able to escape Bowser's ambush? Whose side is Peach on now that Mario's brother is in real danger? If you want to keep a secret, you must also hide it from yourself.

This incredible and appealing story has been drawn by the amazing Nuri Durr from Chicago! and if you really enjoyed it, please visit his personal Facebook page and like his outstanding artworks gamers! Nuri Durr


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