6 years and 1 giant Super Mario 3 carpet is complete!

Peter Galvagno - 19/03/2017

Gamers are really methodical and patient people and these are essential skills to achieve great goal and today Viral news is dedicate to a really challenge task that took 6 years to be completed: The Giant handmade Super Mario 3 carpet!

Created by Norwegian skydiving champion Kjetil Nordin this amazing piece of art is the result of more than 800 hours of work and the level of details is really astounding considering that Kjetil did a lot of research about color combinations to obtain a perfect replica of Super Mario Bros. 3 World 1.

After a friend of the creator posted several photos of this masterpiece on Reddit this astounding carpet went immediately viral on the web let millions of gamers begging to have one! This could be the beginning of a really profitable businees for our Norwegian friend indeed.

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