The world of Tera invades the consoles market

Peter Galvagno - 11/03/2017

When Tera came out for PCs back in 2012 it was a huge it and became soon the most played mmo on Steam and now, in spite of all these years, Tera is making a step inside the consoles market and the news has already become viral!

For whoever has never heard of this wonderful game you have to know that Tera is a action oriented mmo with a great combat system that has hooked up millions of players and seeing this gem on consoles such as PS4 and XBox One it is just a natural evolution considering its huge success.

During the past 5 years the game has grown a really solid fan base among PC gamers and looking at the echo generated by the news on the web in the last few hours Masse Entertainment , the development Studio behind the game, is pretty sure that the game will become a sensation for home gaming systems as well.
A world of connected gamers seems to be the future of gaming and considering that Tera as been free-to-play since 2013 we highly suggest you to give it a shoot on PC or you can always sign up to get an early beta of the upcoming consoles version registering here!

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