This Is The Most Beautiful Tetris Lamp That Will Improve Your Eye Hand Coordination!

By Peter Galvagno - 21/01/2018

Simple games are often the most addictive and that's surely the case of the best selling video games ever, Tetris! Today we are going to review an amazing lamp that every puzzle gamer lover will want!

Designed and programmed by Russian game designer Alexey Pajitnov in 1984, Tetris is hands down the most famous puzzle game in the world and the best selling video game ever still today with an incredible 170.000.000 units sold!!!

Its really simple gameplay is what makes Tetris so successful. 5 different shaped blocks falls down randomly and all you have to do is to arrange them in order to form a line. With a theoretical infinite playtime we are pretty sure that people won't forget about Tetris any time soon!

Such an amazing video game gem has inspired lot of artist during the years and today we show you this amazing artistic Tetris lamp that not only looks really cool but it is also a stackable one! Produced by LMC company this gaming treasure is formed by 7 separate led lights that can be arranged in any possible way as a real Tetris block is supposed to do. An amazing article that will make you fall in love!


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