These The Evil Within 2 animated artworks will haunt your dreams forever!

By Peter Galvagno - 19/10/2017

There is something fascinating about horror and no one can deny it. The sense of mystery and the fear that frightful images bring to our minds are really captivating feelings for us and today we are going to show you the amazing artworks from The Evil Within 2 game that will seduce you with their deadly charm gamers!

The second chapter of The Evil Within 2 saga came out just few days ago and it has already become incredibly successful, showing once again that Horror games are a widely appreciated genre still nowadays. A good Horror game needs a really hunting and eerie atmosphere and The Evil Within 2 excel in this field thanks to a really spooky setup where any sort of horrific creatures can be found.

Speaking of dreadful visions, Bethesda, in order to advert the upcoming horror title, shared some incredible artworks of The Evil Within 2 this summer, linking them to the game plot by declaring that they are the work of of the new villan we will meet in the game, Stefano, a flashy photographer with a proclivity for 'unconventional' beauty... A Twisted killer that creates horrific and mesmerizing artistic composition with his victims body parts is surely something that will scare even the boldest gamers out there!

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