Battlefield 1's They Shall Not Pass shakes the web!

Peter Galvagno - 14/03/2017

Since its first appearence Battlefield 1 has hooked up FPS enthusiasts thanks to its incredible quality that has for sure set a new standard for the genre and now the video games community has literally exploded due the viral news of the day: A new amazing expansion is here and its called They Shall Not Pass!

This time will be the French army to step in the Battlefield bringing a devastating arsenal of new weapons as well such as the Ribeyrolles 1918 automatic rifle really effective for long distance attacks and the close combat thanks to its bayonet equipped by the assault class. The semi-automatic Sjogren Inertial Shotgun that is already the most favourite weapon among gamers due its devastating power. The RSC 1917 semi-automatic rifle with optics for the medic class. The Chauchat light machine gun thought for the support class that allows high precision shoot in long distances. The Lebel Model 1886 sniper for the Scout class that seems it will also be the weapon with the longest relod process but a good compromise considering the range it can cover.

If you are a man of action the new elite class introduced in Battlefield 1 They shall not pass "Raider Club" will become for sure your favourite one due the versatility being really fast, equipped with medkit, lots of granades, a pistol and always be ready to unleash a mace for a brutal meele combat!
The expansion will also bring new Artillery as the Siege Howitzer, a powerful cannon able to fire 3 different types of shells alongside devastating vehicles such as the French St. Chamond Assault tank easy to manouver and equipped with a cannon and a machine gun and the Char 2C tank being capable of destroying easily other tanks and soldier groups due its devastating fire power.

Gamers know well that a War its decided by strategy and a really important strategic element is of course the terrain and in They Shall not pass they will have to cope with a completely new maps like Verdun Heights, where a river pass through 2 mountains. Fort De Veux with its trenches that will force soldiers to close quarter combats. Soissons, a large open field where tanks will be a key element and Rupture that melt the agony of war with a beautiful landscape.

Battlefield 1 They shall not pass will also amuse players with 2 challenging operations, Devil’s Anvil and Beyond the Marne alongside a new game mode known as "Frontline" where 2 opposite teams will fight to conquer each other control points. DICE developers have done a lot of work on this wonderful expansion that we are sure won't disappoint you at all and if are looking forward to jump into the battle we remind you that Battlefield 1's They Shall Not Pass will be available on March 28th for PC, PS4 and XBox One.

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